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Are Adults Texting More Than Teens?

Adults Texting

Cell phones have, for the last few years, been seeing a huge rise in use. It’s easy to see why, too, since they allow us to stay in contact with each other no matter where you might happen to be. An interesting side effect, however, has been the rise in texting over the past few […]

A Text Message Is Forever

Careful Texting

Texting has become one of the most popular methods of communicating today with the use of smartphones and the ease of access to technology. Sending a text message is a quick way to say hello, check in with a loved one or even send updates about a recent meeting to your boss. However, sending a […]

Texting While Driving Is Hard To Catch

Texting while driving is hard to catch.

The act of texting while driving was unknown just a few short years ago.  Today it represents one of the most dangerous activities on our nation’s roads and highways; endangering motorists, fellow passengers and street pedestrians.  Texting while driving not only causes accidents with bodily injury and property damage.  Increasingly, the act of texting while […]

Hands Free Texting

Hands Free Texting

Interested in a safe way to send text messages and drive?  Many people assume that hands free texting technology is the answer that will allow them to drive and text without risk.  In truth, the only good time to text in a car is while the car is stopped. Why People Assume Text To Voice […]