Sony Announces New Vaio Products

Sony has announced two new Vaio products at its press conference in Berlin this week. One is a large PC and the other is a convertible device that can toggle between a tablet and a laptop.

The hybrid is a product called the Vaio Duo 11 comes with a keyboard and can slide between a laptop design and a tablet-like slate.
The Vaio Tap 20 is also interesting. It is a 20-inch table top PC that can be used by individuals or as a multimedia center for large groups.
Sony officials say both devices will run Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

The products were announced by CEO Kazuo Hirai, and he said the products were a part of Sony’s strategy “to move people emotionally,” and were designed to be compatible with a multitude of Sony products.

Hirai says the new Vaio products will tout the company’s impressive Bravia video technology and ClearAudio+ mode sound feature.
Sony is attempting a comeback in the technological gadgets market, where it once ruled supreme. Recently the company has fallen behind to it rival, Samsung Electronics in smart phones and televisions.

Ethiopias First Smart Phone Coming Soon

Thirty years ago Ethiopia was a torn apart country, with poverty and famine plaguing several thousands of its citizens. Today, however, this country has the biggest economy by Gross Domestic Product in East Africa and Central Africa. Of course, there are still problems to be found, both politically and civilly. Human rights abuses have been reported and the nation still struggles with getting food to its poorer residents. Despite all of that, this African country is still fighting daily to keep itself at the top of the East African and Central African economy.

One instance of this occurred just this month, with Tecno Mobile Ethiopia getting ready to launch Ethiopia's first smart phone. The device is set to run on the Android 2.3 operating system and should cost somewhere between $330 and $450 U.S. dollars. The manufacturer of the device already has a lot of handheld phones on the market, but hopefully this new smart phone will bring more customers to the fold. The nation has a very low number of mobile users for its population size, and with Telco having a monopoly on the mobile service market, there is very little competition in the mobile phone market there. The new Ethiopian handset will come with the dependability and speed that people all over the world have come to expect from the Android operating system. There is also already an Amheric language application in place, which has been used by the manufactures on previous handsets, so the transition to the new device should be smooth.No one can be sure if and when things will change, but when users become more excited by the products available to them, that is usually when the markets begin to transform and evolve. With this country still economically on the rise, its numbers for poverty and starvation will hopefully continue to get better as well. A cell phone may seem like a small thing in areas like the United States or Canada, but in East Africa and Central Africa, it could be just the thing that begins to set a new standard of living for a people that truly need it.

Are Android Phones The Best On The Market Today

Android is an operating system for mobile phone devices, developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.  Mobilepedia lists the following as their ten best selling Android phones.

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What Are the Most Popular Phones for Texting

Texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication through cell phones. If you are sending several text messages each day, then it is important to have a great texting phone. These are the 10 most popular phones for texting.

iPhone 4S

While the touch screen keyboard can be rather difficult to get used to, the iPhone 4S features a great voice-to-text program. All you have to do is speak what you want to text, and the iPhone 4S will type it in to a message for you. This can even allow you to safely text while you are driving because you do not have to look at the phone.

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