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Which Is Better To Send A Text Message Or To Call

A text messages is an advanced technology that gives people an additional way to communicate. Deciding whether to call or send a text is dependant upon the circumstances, location and what the sender expects to accomplish with the communication.

In some instances, calling is better and in others, a text message is better. Neither action should take place when driving a vehicle unless utilizing a hands free calling system.

Over all, a text message is cheaper than calling and allows the sender to read it over before sending it and make any corrections. Once a person speaks when making a phone call there is no way to make corrections, but it is easier to clear up any miscommunication immediately. Most people keep text messages short, simple and to the point while a phone call can go on until the battery runs down. A text message can provide a history of the exact communication exchanged.

When time is an issue, sending a text message is more suitable than a phone call. Sending a text message avoids a lengthy phone conversation but the message still goes to the recipient quietly and quickly. There are circumstances where it is out-right rude to start talking on a cell phone. Sometimes it is because the nature of the phone call is one that should not be overheard, or the atmosphere of the location from where the phone call originates is not suitable.

A text message is more appropriate than a phone call in any place that requires quietness. Schools, libraries, work places and hospitals are only a few among many. On the other side, it is much easier to communicate by a text message than calling if there is a lot of back ground noise like ball games or concerts. In some cases, such as inclement weather where reception is poor a text message is more reliable.

There are times when there is not enough reception to make a phone call yet a text message will still go through. This is especially true during massive natural disasters when a large number of people are trying to make a call at the same time. If several people need the same information, a text message serves the purpose better than calling because it is possible to send one text to multiple people. If relaying the message by a phone call, it requires a personal call to each person needing the same information.

Text messaging is comparable to conference calling. Multiple people can take part in the same conversation allowing for a back and forth conversation of several people. The purpose of a phone call is quite different from a text message. The sound of the voice makes a phone call more personal than a text message and allows for a quicker give and take of information. The tone of a persons voice communications feelings and emotions to the listener.

A text message is fine for relaying impersonal information, but a phone call is more appropriate when there is a need to make a personal connection. All methods of contact are an asset because that is how the world communicates. A text message or a phone call both serve a purpose, and politeness and common sense will dictate whether a text message or a phone call is appropriate.


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