Fight Back Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

As more mobile devices inundate the market and ultimately end up in the hands of consumers, cyber attacks are increasing at a record rate. Threats to these popular devices saw a dramatic increase in 2012 with even higher numbers expected in 2013 and beyond. The focus for hackers seems to have changed from attacking personal […]

Data Mining Your Cell Phone

Data Mining on Cell Phone

Understanding data mining on your cell phone starts by understanding how your phone stores data. Your mobile phone reveals more about you than your computer. It keeps track of where you are, how fast you travel, who you call or message and how long the conversation lasts, every moment of the day. And that, it […]

Disaster Survival On Your Phone!

Survival Disaster Apps

Hurricane Sandy is currently a worldwide known tragedy. It has affected thousands on the East coast and has taken the lives of at least 70 deaths in the US and Canada alone. At least 7 million homes have been destroyed in Sandy‚Äôs path and we at Freetext show our deepest concerns and only hope for […]

Sony Announces New Vaio Products

Sony has announced two new Vaio products at its press conference in Berlin this week. One is a large PC and the other is a convertible device that can toggle between a tablet and a laptop. The hybrid is a product called the Vaio Duo 11 comes with a keyboard and can slide between a […]