Texting While Driving Is Hard To Catch

Texting while driving is hard to catch.

The act of texting while driving was unknown just a few short years ago.  Today it represents one of the most dangerous activities on our nation’s roads and highways; endangering motorists, fellow passengers and street pedestrians.  Texting while driving not only causes accidents with bodily injury and property damage.  Increasingly, the act of texting while […]

Hands Free Texting

Hands Free Texting

Interested in a safe way to send text messages and drive?  Many people assume that hands free texting technology is the answer that will allow them to drive and text without risk.  In truth, the only good time to text in a car is while the car is stopped. Why People Assume Text To Voice […]

Texting Causes Accidents and Deaths

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New reports show that driving deaths caused by texting are on the rise. Newspapers are filled everyday with images of car accidents caused by texting.  The main culprits of this are usually teenagers, who enjoy texting as their primary form of communication. According to the national government, more than a million driving accidents are caused […]

Police Spotters Will Look For Texting And Driving

Police in Connecticut and Massachusetts say they will now be posted on overpasses looking for drivers who are texting and driving. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has dedicated $550,000 to a new program that will allow police to spot people driving while texting. LaHood says the program is a necessary means to catch texters who trying […]