Data Mining Your Cell Phone

Data Mining on Cell Phone

Understanding data mining on your cell phone starts by understanding how your phone stores data. Your mobile phone reveals more about you than your computer. It keeps track of where you are, how fast you travel, who you call or message and how long the conversation lasts, every moment of the day. And that, it […]

Cell Phone Cloning

Cell Phone cloning

A High-Tech Crime Cell phone cloning is the act of copying the identity of one particular mobile phone to another. At one time, it accounted for a large portion of cellular fraud. Cell phone cloning is usually done to make fraudulent phone calls. The bill for these calls goes to the legitimate subscriber. Because of […]

Cell Phone Addiction

Cell Phone Addiction

When many people think about addiction, substance abuse is typically the first thing that comes to mind. Other kinds of addictions can cause problems in day-to-day life, however. Cell phone addiction is one type of electronic addiction that is becoming more and more common. What is Addiction? An addiction can be called a habit that […]

Improving Your Cell Phone Signal

Everyone who owns a cell phone has experienced the frustrations of having a poor cell phone signal. Unfortunately, these poor signal receptors usually occur when you need your cell phone the most. Contrary to popular belief, better cell phone reception is not only the responsibility of the service provider. Although the service provider can implement […]

Calling 911 From A Cell Phone

Calling 911 From A Cell Phone

Calling 911 from a land line phone is usually fairly simple if you can stay calm during an emergency. The dispatcher can easily pinpoint your location and send the proper authorities to help you. The same cannot be said if you are using a cell phone. While a dispatcher might be able to find your […]