Disaster Survival On Your Phone!

Hurricane Sandy is currently a worldwide known tragedy. It has affected thousands on the East coast and has taken the lives of at least 70 deaths in the US and Canada alone. At least 7 million homes have been destroyed in Sandy’s path and we at Freetext show our deepest concerns and only hope for the best for all victims. To aid in the safety of everyone involved, we have put together a group of apps that will surely make this situation a little easier and safer for you.

The first app we would like to recommend is a flashlight app. There are many different apps that perform the same tasks as the next one but check prices. Most of the free versions include minimal options such as the obvious flashlight option, which will shine a bright white light via either your screen or LCD camera flash. These come in very handy when your home’s electricity is out and a flashlight is nowhere to be found.

Another very useful app is The Survival Guide app from Apple. This unique app features specific tips on how to stay safe when the basic necessities in life are scarce. This featured app is actually free, as others in the same category are not. From making water potable to which parts of nature are consumable to even producing shelter with limited supplies. This is definitely a must have app for anyone to acquire.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, offers a miracle app that includes information for tons of different disasters, emergency meeting locations, safety information, emergency kit checklists and much more. FEMA survival locations are available in some states. Currently this app is available for no cost in Android, Apple and Blackberry markets.

Lastly, everyone should have an insurance app installed. Insurance companies such as State Farm and Farmer’s Insurance Group have mobile apps that give you access to your insurance agent, financial information, insurance card, roadside assistance and many more helpful options.

Hopefully these mobile apps will prepare you for any disaster you may come into contact with. At little or no cost, these apps are easily available and who knows, they may save your life one day!

(Photo credit to http://crredcross.wordpress.com)