Hands Free Texting

Hands Free Texting
Even when you don't have to touch a phone to send a text, it is completely natural to want to glance at it and make sure your text says the right thing no matter what technology you are using.

Interested in a safe way to send text messages and drive?  Many people assume that hands free texting technology is the answer that will allow them to drive and text without risk.  In truth, the only good time to text in a car is while the car is stopped.

Why People Assume Text To Voice Makes Driving Safer

• Keeps Hands On Steering Wheel - Anyone who's tried to use a phone to text to someone while on the road knows that keeping your hands on the steering wheel while texting is difficult.  To properly drive while sending a text, you need to use your thumbs to type out the message while driving with only part of your hand.  People tend to assume that avoiding this issue will make driving safer, even though it usually doesn't.

• Keeps Eyes On Road - Keeping your eyes on the road is a key part of driving safely.  People who look at texting and driving issues tend to assume that part of the problem is the way a motorist's eyes float to the phone while they send the text.  While using a hands free texting solution technically keep your eyes on the road, many people have a hard time watching the road while they text.  Even if your eyes don't drift, your attention is on the message.

• Legal For Driving - While texting while driving is illegal in many places, using hands free cell phone technology to text while driving is hard to notice and frequently legal.  Since it is legal, many people assume that driving and using hands free technology has been tested enough to prove that it is safe.  While this seems logical, in truth voice to text technology is known to be just as dangerous to use on the road as actual texting or calling.


Problems With Hands Free Texting And Driving

• Attention Goes To The Message - When you drive a car and try to send a message to someone at the same time, your attention needs to go to the message in order to send it.  While many people are great at multitasking for all sorts of reasons, the constant attention you need in order to drive safely doesn't mix well with the broken attention multitasking by sending a message creates.  When you let your mind wander away from the task of driving for any reason, you put yourself at greater risk of making a dangerous driving mistake.

• Interface Is Awkward - Voice to text technology requires a voice command style interface that makes it even harder to see what you are doing on the road.  Using your voice to activate and run a cell phone is just as dangerous as using the buttons to do so while you are supposed to be paying attention to the road.  Your hands may not have to leave the steering wheel, but your thinking skills need to be focused on the phone in order to make it operate.

• Watching The Road Is Difficult - Even when you don't have to touch a phone to send a text, it is completely natural to want to glance at it and make sure your text says the right thing no matter what technology you are using.  Voice to text options may make it easier to put words on the screen of your phone without touching it, but it doesn't make it any more likely that those words will be arranged exactly how you want them.  Looking at a phone instead of the road for even a second can be dangerous.

• You Look More Attentive Than You Are - When you use a cell phone and drive, it is obvious to both other motorists that you aren't paying attention.  When you use hands free texting capabilities to drive and text, you have all the same distraction that you would have while holding your phone without any physical indicators that there is a problem.  Other drivers may not realize that someone texting doesn't see them while they are sending a message through a voice interface.

Don't Split Your Attention

The safest way to drive a car is to put your phone down and wait for a stopping point to text, no matter what technology you use.  Paying attention to something that requires complex thinking while you try to drive can be a disaster for even the best driver.  Don't count on voice to text programs to keep you safe while you send messages in a moving vehicle.