Is Your Cell Phone Bill Not Fitting In Your Budget?

In today’s modern world, nearly everyone has some kind of phone. Out of all phone users, 75% are mobile phone users. That’s estimated to be a whopping 6 billion people with cellular phones.  As we get older and technology progresses, so does the cost of living and prices of all the advantages we use on […]

Texting Scams and How to Avoid Them

Texting Scams

These days, nearly everyone who is on the move owns some type of cell phone with a texting plan. With only your phone number, scammers are able find ways to make you give up your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder. Thankfully, cell phone carriers in the U.S. have put in place […]

Fight Back Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

As more mobile devices inundate the market and ultimately end up in the hands of consumers, cyber attacks are increasing at a record rate. Threats to these popular devices saw a dramatic increase in 2012 with even higher numbers expected in 2013 and beyond. The focus for hackers seems to have changed from attacking personal […]

Data Mining Your Cell Phone

Data Mining on Cell Phone

Understanding data mining on your cell phone starts by understanding how your phone stores data. Your mobile phone reveals more about you than your computer. It keeps track of where you are, how fast you travel, who you call or message and how long the conversation lasts, every moment of the day. And that, it […]

Cell Phone Cloning

Cell Phone cloning

A High-Tech Crime Cell phone cloning is the act of copying the identity of one particular mobile phone to another. At one time, it accounted for a large portion of cellular fraud. Cell phone cloning is usually done to make fraudulent phone calls. The bill for these calls goes to the legitimate subscriber. Because of […]