Ethiopias First Smart Phone Coming Soon

Thirty years ago Ethiopia was a torn apart country, with poverty and famine plaguing several thousands of its citizens. Today, however, this country has the biggest economy by Gross Domestic Product in East Africa and Central Africa. Of course, there are still problems to be found, both politically and civilly. Human rights abuses have been […]

Breaking The Text Messaging Barrier

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Text Messaging is probably the coolest and hippest craze that not only conquers the USA but also the World. People from all walks of life: students, professionals, laborers, housewives and even children are caught in this hype. So what’s with text messaging that has caught the fancy of millions of texters worldwide? Each one of […]

Text Messaging Etiquette

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Mobile phone text messaging is one of the world’s most widely used forms of communication today. Nevertheless, it is surprising how many people lack the proper decorum in sending text messages, which can lead to misunderstandings, irritation, and even hurt feelings.